The necessity of vulnerability in living a meaningful life 

It is wonderful how Brene Brown talks about how people who feel worthy of love and belonging and connection are the people who believe that they are worthy of love and belonging and connection. That simple. Just this simple (but at the same time difficult in our society) belief makes us worthy of love and belonging.

Here are some other qualities that correlate well with such people:

  • They have the *courage* to be imperfect.
  • They have the *compassion* to be kind to themselves and to the imperfection of others.
  • They are *authentic* and feel connection to others as a result thereof.
  • They embrace vulnerability as something that is a fact of life. Nothing great about it. Nothing bad about it. It just is. They accept that we all live in a vulnerable world, and they feel courageous enough to tell others that they love them (and putting them in a place of vulnerability), they feel compassionate enough to reach out to somebody they feel is in need (who might not be in such a need) etc etc. The mistake the rest of us make is to numb our vulnerabilities, to try to make uncertain the certain.

We are all imprefect, but we still are worthy of love and belonging.

The mantra of the day: “I am enough.”