What makes kids attracted towards video games, excessive TV and fashion

I have seen this in many parents who don’t want their kids to watch too much TV or play too much video games. What attracts kids to these things in the first place?

1. Is it the case that parents introduced them to these things in the first place since they did not have time for the kids (oh, I need to do blah, and kid can play video game so that they don’t bother me)?

2. Is it the case that these things are genuinely more interesting to kids than, say, playing in a park or on a beach? My experience playing with kids makes me not agree with it, but I am willing to hear alternate theories.

I would love to see kids doing what they are genuinely interested in, and I would love to see parents telling them the pros and cons of whatever activity is in the question (to whatever extend the kid can understand, of course). Hail for more authentic life for everyone!